Artists To Look Out For is on Sale! |

Artists To Look Out For is on Sale!

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Artists To Look Out For is a printed catalog that features nearly 100 emerging artists from all over the world. For our first issue, hundreds of artists applied for inclusion and with great difficulty, we narrowed it down to the absolute best emerging artists we could find. We truly believe these artists show exceptional talent, and that their work deserves to be seen and appreciated in the art world. You better keep an eye out for them in the coming year!

To us, this catalog serves two very important purposes — to expose the work of talented emerging artists to the world, and to connect art lovers with up-and-coming creators to watch out for. Purchase your copy now to connect with some of the world’s best emerging, contemporary artists!

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Emma AbadAbad_4 Agent XAgent X-Smokin Eman AlHashemid5cc54726a34f2f7151e4c182dd4d97d Michael AlmJackrabbit Mayumi AmadaAmada_4 Jessica AquinoJessica_aquino_ la mirada2 Robert ArnowMeadow
Lynette AtchleyAtchley_1 Lisa BeerleBeerle_2 Nathan BellBell_2 William BlakeWe Sick Paul BondBond_2 Sarah E. BrookBrook_3 Geraldine BullockCotton Candy
J Michael ByrdBuried in Oblivion 2014 Jessica Caldascaldas.1 Lisa CardenasSONY DSC Veronica CeciAugmented Realities Stu ChaitChait_4 Cecilia I CharltonCharlton_2 Zoya ChaudharyChaudhary_Plate 4
Gigi Chen
The Enabler
ChieChie_3 R Cohen-Bacry4 Christina DarvilleDarville_2 Mechelle Gilford
Windows in San Francisco
Lisa ElleyElley_2 Chloe EmisonHrisey
Hesam Fetrati
Untitled No. 2
Katie FurrGorge and Forge Madison GalePHOEBE1 001 Marko GavrilovicMarko Gavrilovic G.O.GiannakoudakisGiannakoudakis4 Stuart Gibsongibson 4 Jean Paul Gomez
Untitled 10
George GoodridgeStudy #2 for Wondergarden Installation Anica Govedaricagovedarica_2 David GraingerGrainger_04 Jamie Grove
Karolina HalatekKarolinaHalatek_ENTER_ME_2011_diameter240cm_neon_LED_engine Shelly HananHanan_4 copy N Hannouche
Holly HansenHansen_1 Zainab Hasan
Cary HortonScott and John Thomas Howard
Alea HurstThe Wise Ones Raymie Iadevaia4_Argento Red_Raymie Iadevaia Riku Ikegaya
Kory J KingsleyKoryJeanKingsley_3 Cathy Koutsavlis
Picture Book (Mom 1978)
Vaiva KovieraiteAnticipated Nostalgia No 2 Nicole Lane
Kayla LawSubmerged T Hyunsoo LeeHalo Robin Levine
Eleen Linlin__4 M Lovelace
Kassandra MattiaMattia_2 S R McDonell
Alice McQueen
Perfume and Kisses
Mehran Mesbahmountain tessellation v Zach Mory
Lara NasserOn Being One Amongst Others Toby Oggenfuss
Dan OlveraSilver Lining Charmaine Ortiz
Sleeve Weave
Mackenzie Petter
Roberta's trip 36x36 acrylic and screenprint on canvas
Eric PickersgillPickersgill_Pelican_Spa M Podgorski
Monika ProffittProffitt_River_1920 Giuditta-R
Drops of Madness XI
Jess ReesRees_4 Devon Reiffer
Stephanie Rigsby
how we come from molecules
Elizabeth RileyRiley_1 Renee Rolewicz
Jason Rusnock
Alan Scally
Harm Flirt--Scally_0001
Tiffany Schankschank_1 Nikki Sclair
Blue Yonder
Loren Siems
Viviane SilveraNo. 20 Ceaphas StubbsStubbs_Sincerely Deceitful
Mark Tholander
Lin VanderVlietVanderVliet_1 Yuki White
Shaun Whiteside
Michael WillettWILLETT_3 A Wisniowska
Nathaniel Wyrick
Nathaniel Wyrick 2
S Yamamoto
Taylor Yocom
Mark Zimmerman
Yotam Zohar


why we help:

Because, after all of our hard work so far this year, we’re feeling inspired and generous. We constantly look for new doors to open, and when we find one we want to hold it open for other artists and art lovers too.

You see, after several years of making programs that help artists, we’re finally at a place where we just want to give back. We’ve had the wonderful fortune of meeting so many amazing artists from all over the world, and every one of them has left us with a newfound inspiration and nugget of greatness.

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How it Happened:

Recently, when we were standing at our Exposure NYC booth, We had a Eureka moment.

We suddenly realized that every unique artist has a unique story, and that they should be treating themselves like a brand. We also realized that we — as the trailblazers that we are — should be helping them do that because, it’s what we do. We thought of ways we could implement our newfound ideas, and one of them was to create a book. 

We thought, how can we help more artists than just the ones that are ready to push their careers to be in a big art fair? What about all the other emerging artists? There are tons of us out there, so what can we do that will impact the largest number of artists and help them establish a personal brand?

Our answer: create a printed catalogue filled with artists we truly believe in.

We want to showcase the artists that we really believe in, beyond the ones we’ve already worked with in our Residency and Exposure programs (although we are partial to them because they’ve touched our hearts). So we decided to open up the floor for some new talent, and showcase them with as much love and appreciation as we had given our past artists.

The Artists To Look Out For (Volume I) is the product of these ideas. Enjoy.

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