Is there an application fee for the residency?

No. We do not charge an application fee, but we ask that only those who are serious about attending apply. We give a lot of consideration to the applications we receive, so we ask that artists please consider all of the details involved in participating before applying for a residency.

What if I am nervous about applying?  What if I am not sure my application is strong enough?

For artists who want to learn how to put together a strong application, we now offer a comprehensive, video based training which includes many templates and guides, to address all aspects of putting together a strong application.  It covers writing an artist statement and bio, preparing gorgeous portfolio materials, and even dealing with financial aid and other funding opportunities. Click here for more details.

Is there a cost associated with the residency?

Yes. Our residency fees are $900 per week, with a minimum of one week and a maximum of eight weeks.

Are there any payment plans available?

Yes. We have monthly payment plans for artists who need to make small payments.

Does Starry Night offer any financial aid?

Yes. Based on merit and documented need, out financial aid program strives to make a residency available for artists of varied economic backgrounds. You can find out more here.

Can I bring my partner, my creative partner, or spouse?

Yes. For an additional $300 per week, you can bring your partner. As you are sharing all living quarters and studio space, this is available for creative partners and artist teams as well as a spouse or partner.

Are meals included?

The cost of a residency at Starry Night includes private living quarters and shared studio space. Artists must provide their own meals. That said, getting to know one another is one of the best parts of a residency at Starry Night, and potluck dinners in the courtyard are not uncommon, especially in the warmer months.

What are the Starry Night grounds like?

The grounds at Starry Night consist of four apartments encompassed within our intimate courtyard, an outdoor shower, studio building, and Airstream trailer. Starry Night is nestled in downtown Truth or Consequences, in the Historic Hot Springs district. We enjoy views of the mountains in the daytime, and the expansive starry sky at night. Once you enter through the gate, you step into our comfortable, relaxing courtyard and outdoor dining area, where our gardens have grown to include several fruit trees, rose bushes, honeysuckle and jasmine vines, and herbs.

Do you have wifi?

There is wifi available on the Starry Night grounds, with the best hot spot being in the courtyard. There is wifi available in most of the interior spaces, although the walls are thick and made of cinder block, so sometimes the signal doesn’t make it inside everywhere.

Where can I learn more about the town of Truth or Consequences?

You can take the tour here.

What sort of transportation is available?

The two closest airports are in El Paso, TX, and Albuquerque, NM. They are each approximately a 2 hour drive from Truth or Consequences. If you fly into the area, you will need to either rent a car or take a bus from the airport to Truth or Consequences, where one of our staff will pick you up at the town’s local bus stop.

Many artists find that they are able to rent a car from the airport for the duration of their stay for a good price and are very happy they did. This allows for more mobility and the ability to visit some really amazing places surrounding Truth or Consequences. However, if you plan on staying in town, we are conveniently located in the downtown, so most shops and restaurants are just an easy walk away. We do have one dedicated automobile for Starry Night staff to use. Use of this may be arranged on a case-by-case basis for trips directly related to the creation of work (e.g. picking up large supplies or shipping) and is limited to the city limits of T or C. If you have concerns or special needs for transportation, please do not hesitate to contact us before arriving so we can work something out.

In the summer is there air conditioning?

Yes, in the summer months we have air conditioning in the studio, as well as in the private living quarters.

What is your refund or cancellation policy?

We are a small community of resident artists and staff at Starry Night. Often our group is not more than a handful of people. While we really like it that way, it means that every artist who comes has a significant effect on the community as a whole – simply by being with us and addressing their body of work. For this reason, we give great consideration to the artists on our tight schedule and cancellations do not result in refunds. All payments are non-refundable.

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