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Want to take ART School for free?

It is with great enthusiasm and excitement that we are announcing our new ART School Scholarship. Yes! Our online, video based professional practices program normally costs $849, but we now have two ways that artists can be a part of it for free. The first way: The best thing about the online professional practices program that we’ve created is that […]

Exposure New York – The deadline is Friday, April 10th

As many of you may know, we have spent the last several years working with artists from all over the world, selling their work and showing them how to pave their own path in the art world. In the process, we have been featured in Vogue Italia, on European television, and we have worked with top curators.  It has been […]

Winter at the Residency

January 15th – Residency Our January 15th residency application deadline is fast approaching, and we have had a lot of interesting applicants! With a few days remaining to apply and still receive our 2014 rates, we encourage you to apply before the deadline. A few of you have asked whether or not you may continue applying past the deadline. We […]

Best Year Ever Workbook

Do you want to really shine as an artist in 2015? Do you have big dreams and goals that you want to accomplish in the coming year? Stay on track and get where you want to be with our Best Year Ever workbook and planner. Have you been making great work all year long but haven’t had a big show of it yet? Have you […]

The Brain on Art: Neuroesthetics

A whole new field called neuroesthetics is devoted to understanding how and why people appreciate art and music, and define beauty. Before neuroscience, master painters sought to give viewers an intense experience, activating senses and stirring emotions. Today, we are beginning to look into the mechanism by which these responses occur. Primitive humans needed to be aware of predators around […]

Our Little Oasis in the Desert: Starry Night Residency

How the desert is imagined, how it is, and how it can be at places like Starry Night… This is the surrounding area of Starry Night Residence Retreat in Truth or Consequences, there is vegetation and enough room to let your imagination open up.  Here are some perspectives of the city-scape, just outside the fence at Starry Night. Inside the gates On […]

96 Emerging Artists To Look Out For

We hunted for the best emerging artists the world has to offer, and…we found them! Starry Night Programs recently put the word out to find the best emerging artists around. The response we got was overwhelming, and with great difficulty, we narrowed it down to 96 artists! We believe that each of these artists exemplifies immense talent, and that they […]